Wunderman Thompson for MOVE.BG

Wunderman Thompson Sofia strikes again with a beautiful campaign for MOVE.BG called The Future History TextBook and speaks in an open and understandable manner to the many people on complicated socio-political issues.

In 2021, the Bulgarian government must develop a "National Recovery and Resilience Plan" under the EU mechanism of the same name, with which our country will receive BGN 12 billion in grant funding to repair the economic and social damage caused by the pandemic and to set the foundations of a modern and more sustainable Europe.

However, the preparation of the project and the version as of mid-April have been the subject of much criticism from the new parties in the 45th National Assembly, experts and civil society organisations. Thаt raised a lot of questions to many Bulgarian citizens on the way funds are spent. The apprehension has deepened that real changes for solving the current challenges, will not happen.

As early as the summer of 2020, the coalition of civil society organizations "Green Movement", which includes MOVE.BG, WWF Bulgaria, Greenpeace Bulgaria and The Institute of Circular Economy, developed five expert opinions with recommendations for improving the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The Future History Textbook is born of the coalition's desire to promote the cause and the understanding of a "possible Bulgaria" as a country economically strong, with preserved nature and a place for a dignified life for the people.

More about the campaign and the textbook itself can be found at http://futurehistory.bg

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