Top Three: Yordan Zhechev

In Top Three we ask people from the advertising industry, which are their three all-time-favourite Bulgarian ads. They may be favourite, because of cutting-edge creative, astonishing production, great results or just a peculiar personal story around their making.

Yordan Zhechev: I don't believe too much in the old in advertising. Therefore, I'm sharing three that I've been thinking about for some reason lately and have made a deep impression on me. If you imprison me in a tower for a hundred years and I have to answer only this question, I will certainly give another answer. But today, with this mint tea and the magnificent sour sheep cheese in front of me, here it is:

1. The Scarf Of Respect, because it is a great solution under pressure.

2. The cowgirl, because it is ridiculous in a very pleasant way

3. The Sweetest Thing, because it is a film by missirkov/bogdanov.

* * *