Top Three: Petya Savova

In Top Three we ask people from the advertising industry, which are their three all-time-favourite Bulgarian ads. They may be favourite, because of cutting-edge creative, astonishing production, great results or just a peculiar personal story around their making.

Peya Savova: It is deadly difficult for me to reduce them to 3, so I will cheat and share more. And why exactly these? Because I won't forget the first time I watched them, how much fun I had, how I argued with colleagues who wouldn't appreciate the idea, the art direction, the execution, the story. And last but not least, because these are a small part of the videos that inspired me, to be better at what I do.

Wonderful art direction

Golden Ticket / Sofia Film Fest / guts&brainsDDB

One more.

20th Sofia Film Fest / guts&braindDDB

I still believe that these series were underestimated at the FARA advertising festival.

Table Tennis inspired by David Linch / Sofia Film Fest/ guts&braindDDB

It seems like in the past, when we didn't know how to make commercial by the book, we were bolder and had more fun.

Mtel / Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann

Just because it's cool. 

Rise up / The Smarts 

When the agency went the extra mile with the Bulgarian dialects.

Veda Bulgarica - The defenders / Noble Graphics

Because I love Rado Bimbalov, who hides in the video and behind it.

Lyon sausage - Leki 45 / Mullen Lowe Swing

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