Top Three: Nadezhda Sultanova

In Top Three we ask people from the advertising industry, which are their three all-time-favourite Bulgarian ads. They may be favourite, because of cutting-edge creative, astonishing production, great results or just a peculiar personal story around their making.

You can find more about Nadezhda in her interview for bgReklamist.

1. The Storcks. Test Sure Check. (Archers Ideas Sofia, successor to Leo Burnett Sofia)

No explanation needed. It's an ad that has-it-all!

2. Now you know. Lidl. (Saatchi & Saatchi Sofia)

When I saw it for the very first time, that was the moment I knew I want to work in Saatchi. It's an ad that has a lot of things to say, but manages to do it in a funny way. Something that might brake you out in a cold sweat when you see it in a client's brief.

3. The old prints of vodka Flirt

I risk being kicked out of adland forever, but this is one of the rare moments when a product, brand, message and visual execution come to life in perfect whole.

Bonus: Pirinsko (Noble Graphics)

Because I'm actually 10 years and everything with talking animals makes me happy.

* * *