Top Three: Istvan Brascok

In Top Three we ask people from the advertising industry, which are their three all-time-favourite Bulgarian ads. They may be favourite, because of cutting-edge creative, astonishing production, great results or just a peculiar personal story around their making.

Hi, Istvan. Here we usually ask for your personal top 3 all time Bulgarian commercials. But with you, it will be really interesting actually to see your all time favourite 3 Hungarian commercials.

Ok, here comes my top 3. But unfortunately it was pretty hard to pick 3. Let me point back here to your question about the gap we have in the Eastern European region. This is the sad reality... So, we have a lot of things to do here.

1. Terms Against Bullying

It is our campaign. And i love it, because it’s not bullshitting about ’creativity for good’, but it gives an actual tool to fight against cyberbullying instead.

2. Waves of Plastic

This campaign was made by DDB Budapest. And it’s an amazing audio experience. Beautifully shows how much potential we have in radio/audio territory.

3. SMS Bandi

This one dates back to 2008. Made by Leo Burnett Budapest. Super funny way to solve a pretty boring business problem.

* * *