Top Three: Dimitar S. Stefanov

In Top Three we ask people from the advertising industry, which are their three all-time-favourite Bulgarian ads. They may be favourite, because of cutting-edge creative, astonishing production, great results or just a peculiar personal story around their making.

1. The Balkan keep its secrets

Because it was rural and cool 10 years before everyone started bringing us back to the nostalgia of the village. I know it's in everyone's top three, but it's one of those nice things you can't help but mention.

2. „Unlimited data, limitless you“, guts & brains DDB for Telenor Hungary

After guts & brains DDB launched "New beginning, new plans" for Telenor Bulgaria, which is another undisputed universal favourite, I would like to note this, not even tiny bit weaker, breakthrough in the market abroad. When clients were not yet accustomed to this type of narrative and it had no marketer was saying yet: "This is very telenor-y for me."

3. Coffee Saga

I watched this one for the first time a few years ago, when I came across a YouTube playlist with old Bulgarian commercials. Now I turned the Internet upside down, but I couldn't find it. A young boy and girl are hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere, near some field. He tries to stop a car unsuccessfully, she tries unsuccessfully too and in the end he just takes off her tank top. Instantly a truck hits the brakes and picks them up. Pakshot. Signature “Saga. Coffee in beans." Nowhere else in the video do we see coffee. 10/10.

If anyone has a link to it - it should be kept in the golden archive of commercials. Even if it was not shot in Bulgaria, as it seemed, the copy would take Craft on FARA ‘96.

* * *