The Beginning

illustration: Atanas Giew for Fine Acts, #SpringOfHope

Today we repeat ever more so often the word “together”, and the even more exciting form “togetherness”. Meanwhile the world seems to be shut down indefinitely in a lock down. These unusual events inspired us to create an unusual shared space for the advertising industry.

It is not really common for us, the advertisers, to feel united beyond the agencies. Maybe when we get together at the few creative events and festivals, maybe at some advertising academies, maybe when we casually talk about common clients, maybe not even then.

The strong competition between the communication agencies in Bulgaria, and around the world too, is proverbial for the industry. In addition, in the face of declining budgets and canceled campaigns, the companies are even more singular in their behaviour, instead of acting like an industry to save their business.

However, behind “the business” are the everyday people of advertising. And contrary to the status quo, we as people, especially now, need community. We need kudos for that “perfect copy” commercial done in the lock-down or reassuring thoughts of colleagues on the current perspective. More partnership ideas, shared knowledge and joint forces in facing the new normal is what will get us through this time of crisis.

bgReklamist launches with a little content but we hope it will grow over time:

We are starting with a cordial interview with Yordan Zhechev. He’s the super-star regional creative director of guts&brainsDDB and partner in Tribal Worldwide Sofia. With him we talk about the present and future of advertising in our country.

Elena Tserovska, brand strategist and storyteller, shares in a fascinating article, thoughts on the strengths of the brand in uncertain times.

We are also collecting inspiring local products from this year in the Video and Visual collections. In a separate section - Shared, we are developing a dynamic index of adland initiatives for sharing knowledge that you can view, listen to and read right away. And thematically in During the Crisis we have collected handbooks for behaviour during crisis, which some local marketing and advertising experts have already published.

We hope to meet here often and have fun together! And you can always drop us a line at

Well that's for now.

Stay safe and start!

Sevda & Juliana