Olga Abramescu: Bulgaria and Romania are young markets that had to learn in the process

Olga Abramescu is the Shutterstock representative for Bulgaria and Romania. She was one of the first people to reach out to bgReklamist to say "Hi" and "I don't exactly know what we can do together, but I like what you do.". As we spoke with her, we found that she has some great insights and an interesting, outer point of view on the local market, working with Bulgarian agencies. We invited her for an interview to share them with you all. Enjoy!

What’s your relation to our country and how do you find working on advertising in Bulgaria?

Romania and Bulgaria have а lot in common in our history. We share similar political and economical challenges in the recent years. Culturally we've exchanged a lot. I was watching your TV-programs as a kid, as ours were very few. I remember a cartoon called "Good night, kids!’.

Professionally, I’m familiar with the Bulgarian media and advertising landscape for some time now. We've been working closely with Bulgarian ad-industry for the last 2 years, since Shutterstock set the local team. You guys are very creative and great with video production!

Olga Abramescu & Andrei Nistor,

Shutterstock team for Bulgaria

What has changed during the years from your perspective?

We are both "young markets", that had to evolve quickly and learn in the process. That makes it fun - the clash of the rules and all kinds of local constraints that provoke out-of-the-box solutions. But I'm still glad to see that there is focus on nurturing and supporting creativity and craft in the recent years. The change in generations and the new times, require new ways of approaching the creative processes.

What differs Bulgarian advertising from Romanian one?

Every time we come to Sofia we feel the pulse of the city - great places, events, colours, current campaigns, design. "Advertising" is the community and its people. From this moodboard combined with the knowledge we have from our Bulgarian clients, I would say we have lots of resemblance.

The differences comes mainly from the size of the market (but not the size of the opportunities!) and the working rhythm. Yes, your deadlines may seem hectic, but in Bucharest it's twice as crazy and fast!

Are there any numbers available regarding the percentage of stock images used in Bulgaria for commercials and self-made photography or video?

This is a great question and indeed this is a particularity of your market, as the adoption of stock versus in-house production in Bulgaria is in favour of the first, especially in the footage area. I see this as a great advantage and as an opportunity to show how ready made visuals can diversify and enhance the mix. I think “digital first”, the possibilities are endless.

Also, there are great images and footage collections made by Bulgarian contributors in Shutterstock.

Did you feel any grand changes in the stock consumption during the COVID crisis? How did it affect your business?

We are going through peculiar times and both our professional and personal lives have changed, and have become even more unpredictable. In the Spring months we have seen growth in stock usage as a solution for production constraints. Now we see a large pick of stock usage for digital projects. But more importantly, now we see that more clients want to consolidate their budget spend, they look for cost-predictive solutions and we work more on customisations as local representatives.

Could you share something that our sector does not know about Shutterstock but it certainly should?

It's a strong statement to say that a well chosen stock image or video can be unrecognisable, if well used and matched with the concept. But it's true.

This is an award winning Coldplay videoclip (UP&UP) and even I was amazed to find it uses stock footage from Shutterstock:

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