ADLAND MENTORS East: local mentoring program

AdLand Menotrs CEE is a local list inspired by Zoe Scaman and Robin Frost, who in February 2021 created a shared Google file in which any experienced advertising specialist in the world can leave their contacts, offering free mentoring. The global list is here.

Locally, on the other hand, we do not seem to exploit the mentoring form enough, even internally in the agencies. Formal training and informal conversations are great, but focused mentoring between two people is richer and more rewarding for both parties.

That's why bgReklamist decided to create this local contact list for advertising specialists who want to offer free mentoring. We’ve started it as a list for Bulgarian mentors, but it naturally grew to mentors for the region.

We hope this will encourage more sharing and communication in the community and help each junior to cross the initial barrier much more easily to seek help and connect with seniors who are ready to respond with knowledge, support, and care.

You can find the file here, use it and share it freely.

* * *