Martin Iliev talks about Invest in Bulgaria

The video of InvestBulgaria Agency, which has been circulating on the social networks these days, made an impression on us, and surely not only on us. The beautiful shots provoked a conversation about the Bulgarian reality, our image, the change of view, and of course, how important the quality of an advertising is and how important it is to choose the right production partner. We talked with the director of the video, Martin Iliev, about the project. Here is what he shared with us.

What inspires you in Bulgaria and what is the thing you would come for if you lived elsewhere?

If I disregard all the things I don't like and want to change in Bulgaria, maybe the sense of freedom that is here and the sincere human relationship (when you've found the right people for you). Otherwise, I'm afraid to imagine that I live elsewhere, because I'll probably won't find a reason to come back.

What was leading for you in this project as a director?

I tried to look at this project as a work of art and to shoot it that way. To make it emotional, not to have just factology. To make it a beautiful product at all levels - photography, music, editing.

Do you believe in the power of advertising to create a better image for Bulgaria?

Advertising is something special. As useful a tool as it can be, it can be absolutely useless if there is no truthfulness and no connection between the ad and the product. In this line of thinking, I don't believe that just one visual product can do the job. The main purpose of advertising is to highlight the positive features of the product. In this case, this is our country. Everything we have shown in this particular video is real - businesses, investments, most people, nature. But there are a number of other thing, that need personal and political will to change, so that some day our advertising and the everyday reality can overlap completely.


Client: Invest Bulgaria Agency

Director: Martin Iliev

DoP: Alexander Stanishev

Creative Director: Iliya lazarov

Copywriter: Rumiana Stoykova

Music: Kaloyan Dimitrov

Casting: Nina Boyanova

Production House: Apriori Production House

Producer: Alexander Bardarov, Jivka Tomova

Production Designer: Nadejda Pachova

Costume Designer: Velina Pavlova

Drone: Dimitar Karanikolov, Vladislav Terziiski, Stefan N. Shterev

* * *